The Secrets of Birds for Children

Bird watching is one of the primary tools used by our program: “The Secrets of Birds for Children” led by our Official Tour Guide, Alfredo Rios. The program allow to get children who live in extreme poverty outside and help them foster an appreciation for nature, common birds of the region through in-class lessons and field trips.

When children start really noticing and recognizing a bird’s colours, sounds, and habits you’ll see their faces light up as they make a real connection to the natural world.

In the past, bird watching was often stereotyped as being an activity mostly enjoyed by older adults. However, birdwatching is incredibly accessible to all, and more and more people of all ages and backgrounds are discovering the joys and benefits of birdwatching.

“The Secrets of Birds for Children” teaches children to slow down, think, process, and listen. In a world where children spend increasing amounts of time focused on screens, the experience of learning to focus their eyes and ears on nature is invaluable.

Project Goal
– The children learned how to identify and count birds.

– They experienced nature and became informed of the occurring species in different Trujillo areas: Native Forest of the Site Museum of Chan Chan, Moche Countryside including the green area of the Huacas del Sol y La Luna, Jardín Botánico de Trujillo and others parks.

– They learned – in theory and practice – how to protect birds.

– The pupils exchanged their experiences with birds and nature with young people of the same age.

– Teachers as well as children leaders were trained as tutors for specialists in birds.

Make a donation

Your generosity is the swell that propels our mission forward, allowing us to help children from poor suburbs around Trujillo city who don’t have access to birdwatching equipment.

Every dollar of your gift will help to buy binoculars, spotting scope as well as to pay transportation, tour guides, books and other items.


Amazilia Hummingbird

Pacific Parrotlet

Blue-Gray Tanager

Safron Finch

Long Tailed Mockingbird